Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where to shop in Saipan-- um, online?

Since the shopping selection here is so skimpy, it's time to compose a list of places to do some nice online shopping. Not everyone ships to us, and I'm learning that if they won't ship by priority mail, you won't see it for 3 months. Here's my list so far...

J C Penney-- fast shipping,
J & R electronics in NYC-- they carry my printer cartridges, but they only ship expre$$ mail to Saipan fast, good shipping bags-- don't get damaged. My kids love their clothes -- will only mail books, no electronics or other stuff.
Walmart-- won't ship priority, expect a 2-3 month wait
NETFLIX I guess they mail out of Hawaii... I love you Netflix! lots of stuff you can't find here

I will say that I do sometimes shop at Kvns department store by the Post Office, (get my flower pots and area rugs there), Joeten Susupe-- because it is the closest thing to Walmart we have, and Ace Hardware--the closest thing we have to Home Depot-- Oh yeah, and Price Costco, which is basically a store that orders lots of stuff from REAL Costco, ships it over here and resells it. Other than these places, basically my money goes off island. What a bummer we haven't got more selection to keep our money here.

If you've got more good shopping places to add-- here or online, I want to know.