Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My sister-in-law suggested I blog ...

We've moved to Saipan. It's a quirky island. One of my new friends described it as seeming like "bizarro-land" when you first move from the states. I've decided to collect some of the quirkiness to this blog, so others can enjoy it.

Squid in a can. I can honestly say I've never seen that at Safeway.

This is the view from my house. MY HOUSE!! Hmmm, how many millions would I pay for this in California? Okay, not quirky, but aren't you jealous?? Not yet? Well... let me continue-- we live just up the hill from the beach. This ain't no Southern California "standing room only, freezing cold" beach, it was OUR beach... and maybe a dozen other folks.
On Labor day, the older kids went snorkeling with their dad and saw cool blue starfish out in the coral. Gotta get them an underwater camera. No wet suits-- the water is about 85 degrees F. The water level is about waist high for a long way out-- protected by some sort of natural reef wall that you can see. The younger kids and I hung out near the beach and played with a hermit crab. I'll post some more quirks later.