Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where to shop in Saipan-- um, online?

Since the shopping selection here is so skimpy, it's time to compose a list of places to do some nice online shopping. Not everyone ships to us, and I'm learning that if they won't ship by priority mail, you won't see it for 3 months. Here's my list so far...

J C Penney-- fast shipping,
J & R electronics in NYC-- they carry my printer cartridges, but they only ship expre$$ mail to Saipan fast, good shipping bags-- don't get damaged. My kids love their clothes -- will only mail books, no electronics or other stuff.
Walmart-- won't ship priority, expect a 2-3 month wait
NETFLIX I guess they mail out of Hawaii... I love you Netflix! lots of stuff you can't find here

I will say that I do sometimes shop at Kvns department store by the Post Office, (get my flower pots and area rugs there), Joeten Susupe-- because it is the closest thing to Walmart we have, and Ace Hardware--the closest thing we have to Home Depot-- Oh yeah, and Price Costco, which is basically a store that orders lots of stuff from REAL Costco, ships it over here and resells it. Other than these places, basically my money goes off island. What a bummer we haven't got more selection to keep our money here.

If you've got more good shopping places to add-- here or online, I want to know.


Barb said...

OK. I had a friend who lived in England for 4 years. They did have a APO address but they were able to order from Best Buy. If you do have APO address I can get you a list of the stores she ordered from. Good luck.
P.S. What do you mean no hot water?

Saipan Newbie said...

Didn't Best Buy go out of business-- or was that the other one? Don't have an APO address, so I'm out of luck-- but I'd love to see her list. (you got my real e-mail address??)
No hot water means no hot water. We have an electric water heater that is so clogged with minerals (aka salt), it doesn't work. Two years of cold showers-- you get used to it. The hotels all have hot water, it's just my landlord who thinks we can live without it.

Adam Miles said...

Victorias secret and old navy ship here. I've also found that most ebay sellers will ship here after you give them a little geography lesson.

And bestbuy is still in business. Circuit City is the one that failed.

cah said...

I've shopped @ several of these websites & it usually takes a week or less:
amazon(depends on what u order)