Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Someone needs to do some Editorial Cartooning

I read about the Governor's State of the Commonwealth address briefly. I was DYING for someone to have the courage and talent to spoof it in an editorial cartoon. No such luck, darn. So... here's my vision: I'm picturing a little body--- perhaps in a Napoleon stance with his hand in his jacket with a large Governor Fitial head on top.
Someone would have to compile all the things he's blamed for the current situation... garment industry demise, CUC, Lt. Governors who commit felonies, Wall Street, Rats, Boonie Dogs, giant cockroaches, mainlanders... etc. Then, at the end... perhaps a Richard Nixon pose with the double peace signs going on and a "so vote for me for 4 more years" line.... Needs refinement and a darn good artist.

I shouldn't have dropped out of that art class in college....

Oh, and I really miss Harry Blalock on the radio-- especially Tuesday's with Tina Sablan. Now I truly am clueless about what goes on here.